Business One Saver

Total Plus
Monthly Access
Local Calls
National Calls
National Cap
Fixed to Mobiles
Fixed to Mobiles Cap
International Cap
National Included Pack
Local Included Pack
FTM Included Pack
Local PSTN Data Calls
Contract Term (12 months)
Contract Term (24 months)
16.5c per min
$2.09cents for 30 minutes
31.9c per min
$2.09cents for 10 minutes
108.9c for 10 min to top 30 destinations
Flagfall 22 cents on timed calls
Local PSTN data calls 27.5c per call
Price: 12 x $54.94 = $659.28
Price: 24 x $54.94 = $1318.56

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International calls at the rates of national calls. You don't have to think twice before making calls to your folks anymore!

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