What is the AXIOM TEL Customer Service Guarantee?

The Telecommunication Customer Service Guarantee Standard (CSG) was introduced to encourage improvements in the quality of service offered by phone companies, and to set minimum performance standards for the installation and repair of services. Set out in the tables below are the time frames in which AXIOM TEL is now required by the CSG to action requests for connections of a standard telephone service or an enhanced call handling features; repair faults or service difficulties; and make and attend appointments with customers and to advise the length of the appointment 'window'.

Who does the Guarantee apply to?

The CSG applies to full service AXIOM TEL customers with 5 or less Standard Telephone Services.

CSG applies to AXIOM TEL full service customers who are currently being billed for line rental by AXIOM TEL. It covers standard PSTN telephone service and the
following enhanced calling features:

  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Call barring (but not barring on the AXIOM TEL Long Distance network)
  • Calling number display
  • Calling number display blocking.

When does the Guarantee not apply?

  • The CSG does not apply to mobile services, customer equipment, Internet services, long distance only services, inbound
  • Services or to customers who have more than five standard telephone services.
  • The CSG may also not apply where there are unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of AXIOM TEL .
  • When natural disasters or extreme weather conditions cause mass service disruptions.
  • CSG may also not apply where a customer has not co-operated or denied access to his or her premises and this has contribution to the delay in service delivery.
  • CSG does not apply if a customer disconnected for non-payment of a charge and its service is agreement has not been reached with AXIOM TEL for payment, or if AXIOM TEL believes the customer would be unable or unwilling to pay the charges for connection.

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